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by Midwest Catering • September 05, 2016
Weather can make or break an event’s success, which is why our team at Midwest catering watches the weather, daily. We stay in constant communication with our customers in the days leading up to the event to ensure everything is successful. Of course there are those times where the weather doesn’t cooperate just hours before an event, but here at Midwest catering we strive to make sure your event will still be a huge hit.
August has proven to be a busy month for the team at Midwest catering.  This month we did a company picnic at the fair grounds for a local company, and even though the team had to battle last minute rain, the event was successful.
As the rains moved in we were able to move most of the attractions inside as well as having the food inside for all to enjoy. This event brought out 800 employees even with the rain, and the children still had lots of fun. The Midwest catering team cooked and prepared the food onsite to ensure freshness. The guests at the event were able to enjoy cotton candy and sno-cones.
We also offered face painting, music videos and green screen pictures, and had inflatables out for the kids to play in. There were other games for the kids to play, and prizes for them to win.  The Midwest catering team hired an elephant ear company to come out and make elephant ears for the employees as well as having caricature artists there to do drawings. Once the rained stopped the children were able to go outside and enjoy the Euro-Bungy, which is very popular. Once the event was over the team at Midwest catering took care of the cleanup, and the guests could go home without any worries.
For one of our other customers we served multiple shifts of employees in one day. The team cooked the food onsite so that each group of employees had fresh food.  We also tackled serving ice cream sundaes to multiple shifts of employees during their workday.   With several out gallon containers of ice cream and a variety of different toppings for the employees to choose from, we brought a little relief from the summer heat.
At Midwest catering we strive to accommodate our customers’ schedules .The team at Midwest catering will work with you, and create a menu that fits your event. We have also catered several luncheons for local companies this month.
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